lovelivelink - design community is composed of independent designers & consultants who love & live brands.

lovelivelink’s co-founders, link thinkers and makers, to provide lovelivelink’s own specific integrated approach to drive brand performance, multiply and renew creativity by challenging different teams, leverage the right set of specialist skills needed.

lovelivelink works with a wide range of clients from small brands through to global FMCG brands worldwide, with a special emphasis on beauty brands.


A design community of dedicated designers and consultants who live brands, using creativity, experience and talent to innovate, find flexible solutions and solve problems quickly.

An integrated approach with specialist skills to answer our business’s needs.

Thinkers and makers linked together but with creative independence for “out of the box“ thinking with an edge that makes sense.


At lovelivelink, we love brands: making them look better but also making them better! Loving brands is all about respecting the consumer.

It’s about creating brands that get the consumer, welcome and empower them.

It’s designing and defining a new customer experience to stand the test of time.
 It’s a shared emotional journey with the consumer to answer his needs.


It’s about creating the long- term link, the story, partnering with our businesses to help them get what they need.

It’s not about ego, or artistic genius (only!) but about listening in order to get the best of the team and resources.

It’s about factoring in technical specifications, industry demands upfront to better drive projects: hand in hand from the creative process to project delivery.

what they say about us

  • Christophe has a deep understanding of brands and brand identities and has an exquisite talent of translating and reinforcing those in visual assets. 
I've seen him mold many, even vague marketing ideas into strong, unique and distinguished products and concepts. He "connects dots" much quicker than anybody else and always comes to the table with an array of creative solutions. That combined with an incredible sense for beauty and refined taste, makes him for me an equaled and unique talent

    Barbara Delaere, Senior Vice President and Global General Manager, Aveda
  • Creative challenger, reliable deliverer, out of the box thinker. Those are the three aspects I enjoyed when working with Christophe during 3 years of brand development. I warmly recommend him to any brand/product developer who seeks out of ordinary solution and truly innovative design

    Alessandro Buffoni, Retail Performance and Operations Director, Worldwide, Loro Piana
  • Head of an extremely creative, agile and versatile design team. Probably the best I have ever worked with.

    Eric Jumbert, VP, Marketing, Colgate Palmolive
  • I love the superior creativity / reactivity / reliability of Christophe that can play with high constraints or wide-open briefs.

    Catherine Tetu-Haddad, International Marketing Director, Shiseido Group EMEA

they trust us